Arresø Bed and Breakfast

Arresø Bed and Breakfast

Arresøgårds Alle 1, Ramløse - DK-3200 Helsinge - Denmark


Arresø Bed and Breakfast / B & B

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Arresø – is the largest lake in Denmarkudsigt_over_arresoe

Ramløse is closely united with Arresø

Arresø bed and breakfast – B&B – is situated in the village of Ramløse on the edge of the lake Arresø. The history of Ramløse is closely connected with Arresø. The name itself derives from the fertile wet meadows, which Ramløse at one time was surrounded by. Here stone age people gathered their fish, mussels and oysters. Originally Arresø was a shallow fiord, but the soil accumulation after the stone age made it a fresh water lake. The lake is shallow, rarely more than 3 metres. The original outlet into the sea silted up 3-400 years ago. Between 1717-20 a canal was dug out to the sea through the west bank, so that the water level could be regulated. The water level today is 4 metres over sea level. The lake covers an area of 40 square kilometres. Nature and countryside around Arresø Along most of the banks reeds grow. They are cut in winter and used for the area´s many thatched cottages. The countryside around Arresø is farming land; there are also extensive woods and small villages, like Ramløse. The lake is frequented by many species of birds; amongst others ospreys and the sea eagle are both daily visitors. The many conservation initiatives have been helpful for the avian population. There is an abundance of wild life. Roe deers are seen frequently. There is also a large population of foxes, squirrels, martens, badgers and red deer. Unfortunately there are also many mink, who are a threat to ducks and other birds. A few years ago beavers were introduced to Arresø in the vicinity of Ramløse. Arresø as a recreational site Ramløse houses a marina. One can come with one´s own canoe or kayak. In winter time scaters and ice boats take possession of the lake. But the majority of people just come to see the view. There are plenty of paths for walking and cycling; it is possible to bathe and to fish. An early morning walk – just a few hundred metres from our house – can be recommended.