Arresø Bed and Breakfast

Arresø Bed and Breakfast

Arresøgårds Alle 1, Ramløse - DK-3200 Helsinge - Denmark


Arresø Bed and Breakfast / B & B

Over night stays in Ramløse

The village of Ramløse on the shores of Lake Arresø

Kirken - forsidebillede (2)Arresø Bed and Breakfast – B & B – is situated in the village of Ramløse, which can be found on the main road between Frederiksværk and Helsinge at the north point of Lake Arresø. Ramløse is positioned on a moraine hill, and from here there is a magnificant view over Lake Arresø to the south. To the north and the west one can find Ellemosen (an ancient alderwood marsh) and the forest of Tisvilde.

Ramløse was, as many of the country’s small villages, established more than a thousand years ago. Large finds from the older stone age tell of an earlier settlement. Lake Arresø was then a fresh water fiord, and it was easy to harvest oysters and fish from the shores.

The soil in Ramløse and the neighbouring villages is extremely fertile. From ancient times and up through the Viking Age the area was fairly densely populated.

Every year there are finds of beautiful bronze- silver- and gold effects under the fields. The old stone church was probably built before year 1200. At the time of the agricultural reforms around 1781 Ramløse was the largest settlement in North Zealand. It consisted of no less than 30 farms; a large rural comunity at that time!

Ramløse in recent time – a village with community spirit.

Up until 1970 Ramløse, together with its neighbour village, Annisse, was an independent council. To day Ramløse is part of the larger Gribskov Council. In spite of its small size – the village consists of 1200 houses – Ramløse has been capable of inducing a strong community spirit. This dates back to the 1800-hundreds where the inhabitants cooperated in the building of a village hall, and the establishment of an athletic- and rifle society.

A hundred years later the town had grown to the size we see to day. Now there are more than 30 clubs and societies, which form an extremely attractive community. In 1972 the villagers worked together to build their own sports center, and a few years later another initiative resulted in a marina and a yacht club. To day you can enjoy many sports activities. In the village hall there is a lively amateur theatre group, which produces a new play every 6 months.

A new culture center will be opening in the end of the year offering many creative facilities, amongst others music, lectures, and crafts.